Wednesday, August 13, 2014

the city overlooking the sea

here you are, knowing your end will be here. at the city overlooking the sea. a perfect setting, the magnum opus of all the mise-en-scène your mind could ever muster. the only question is where. will it be the scenic cliff or the inviting blue green sea? even for a man on the run for his end, you are still indecisive. the man who changed his name to escape the consequences of what he had done. a matter done, that cannot be undone.

it’s been a long time since you’ve arrived, and that was an event that mattered to the few who took interest of where you were. as usual, those few are declining constantly in number. in all the few, you had wished that it should have never been her. but somehow you knew, that she would have been the first to do so.

you try very hard to remind yourself of the flame that used to burn deep inside you in the time of your youth and hope. your feet have worn so many pairs of shoes, roaming the streets alone. walking on dirt paths, dirtying your worn shoes and dirtying the paved roads more so, with your sense of no direction. in those streets did you ponder how many emotions your heart muscle can endure anymore. in those streets too, did you lay your head to rest to sleep when the hours become late, losing your pair of worn shoes in the process.

in your travels, your self-imposed exile. you have come across every character and colour imaginable. even the ones your imagination could never conjure. even when you were a poet. but, you knew what they were. the makings of a temporary diversion towards the end that you are longing for. you knew that everything is endless, but nothing remains as it is. it is a lesson you learned in hard, with heart. learned right down to your bones, to the nerves; to your soul.

now, at the city overlooking the sea concludes your weary troubles. the landscape of the city with the sea behind it. in all its majestic glory it paints the tear in your eyes. you have always had a tendency for the sea. it is where you were always happy. you have drowned in so many seas, but you have never drowned deeper like this one. you pondered all your fallacies in this, this lunacy. the subtle makings of which you did not see, deep under the depths of this sullen roots of a tree. a tree of many quandaries. you approach the cliff in calm, without raising any alarm. you are still betwixt in your indecision, of all your options. only finally, did you come to the conclusion that it does not matter, anywhere or anyhow. you will still sleep the last sleep you would have slept. with a faith of leaping and the leap of faith that you would have leapt. 

so it begins, although it may not be the right beginning, but every story needs to start somewhere. just that here, it begins at the end.


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