Monday, May 12, 2014

the great georgian shambles

“lo and behold, not a single force on earth could stop the trembling of mine hands” the young man said, holding his hands high with the setting sun its background and the crashing waves of the ocean, its orchestric accompaniment.

“mine old eyes, grey but still can it see that thou bodice shaketh like the falling dead leaves of spring. then, perhaps thou need to be away from earth and all its mishaps” the old man replied with a tone of worry and concern. he look upon him as if he was his son, as his hand rest upon the young man’s shoulders, and the tight grip that ensues signalling that he should hold on and be stronger. a contradiction, to what he said.

the young man with the nostalgic vulnerability of an elephant catching a soothing scent that strikes all 5 of his human senses at once. it made him remembered a time he left earth. into the bitter cold and the deathless blankness of outer space. he called it, “vacuous death”. a stifling of freedom at its best, even without gravity and nothing to hold on to. the marriage of a torture between letting go or clasping on. it became his prison for many moons and suns, until he decided to fall again. the eponymous fall, that we all know, the one that we would search our whole lives for. he knew that, and he would not mind it, even one bit that the leap of faith might leave him to death.

“mine trying is not of not wanting. but, it is decidedly so. that leaving is not the answer in question. mine fault, is that this cage, this husk of a man that contains this decrepit soul is bereft of hope and strength,” the young man, growing more solemn by the second. “i shall not go, if i shall not live to leave.”

“ah, thou be the reluctant escapist,” the old man retorted. “escape is not a show of weakness, or whether thy art bereft of hope, mine young stalwart. it is only momentary, and like the running waters of the river it will only be the transitory that thou seek, deep within.”

“words are mere splinters at this moment, old man. mine only seek, are shards. cold hard shards, that could pierce mine lungs and set free the air that fills it.”

“then, it is decided. the weight will be lifted, after the faith and strength that thou art spared.”

the young man, paid more attention to the background of the menagerie of the setting sun and crashing waves. no more meaning, could pass through his mind now. but, he could only sigh, the static sigh that he only knew of.

the old man, knew what the young man was thinking of as he said, “ if thou seeketh great deaths and willing to go through the great depths to seek the length of thine death and depth. i shall not be part of it.”

“be not the maketh of worry, old man. tis’ quandary that i art be in, mine alone. i cometh here, alone, with nothing but mine skin and bones, thus ergo, i will go and leave as how i came. alone.”


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