Wednesday, February 19, 2014

the girl who comes in dreams

"you have lift me up again and gift me to the trees," he said in slow. "let us run fast through the fields of feeling and over mountain tops of heart-rendering stops. let's swim through the ocean's falter and say that we will never stop"

she comes in dreams. where mortals lay in coils, coursing and stays entwined in perfect toil. a show of intricate delicate complications and utter spoils. she comes in dreams, where only mortals dream of, as she slips in and out of reality into reverie in perfect sewing seams, it seems. she lays there, at the edge of your realisation without care of the air that you share, as it caresses your skin under tender care. together, where you will bear witness, the bare nothingness of her echoing whispers that makes sweet surrenders, of which that brings about your heart's tranquil stop to a shudder. the beat in your heart will skip beats as you try to catch your breath and the pace of your feet. with hers, as she glides instead of the common mortal stride. until when, you're next to her side by side, that she stops her permanent fight, to hold your hands in a grip so tight. in haste but with gentle grace she brings about the flight through a cosmic delirium of nebulaic proportions.

"love, just close your eyes and pretend that everything is fine," she said in a tone of worry. "i'll tell you when.."

he saw, the earth fast shrinking behind them. it seemed to melt away, in a way where washed grey was lead to black in an attempt to go astray.  the imagery, reminded him of time long ago, and how she wore that dress that slowly made his eyes undress. in ocular address, it slipped his sight, as it cuts beneath the iris and his eyelids. he remembered what she said to him, as to what cause have given him the right to stray. where in living tombs does he stop to stay, but in the end leave and lift the darling buds of dismay. the clocks around him was ticking fast with every breath. he decided that day, they have been wrong and he has been part awake. he will never ever know her even for how long it took him to know for so long.

he knew then, that soon the rain will come to wash away. the earth that held him was no island, even for any man of any sway. he soon will grow inside a new skin, and find a way out through those islands so akin. when all his days, he became a castaway and believed that he will be wrong one day. only in time, will he question, "are you still a mess?"

"don't stay, run away. he has ordered assassination" she whispered to him. "it's our fault, this is what we wanted, this is where we lay."

"we didn't come this far, just to turn around," he replied her with his eyes still closed.

he woke up from his trance, as he realised the dream he was in now starts to mold into a never ending black hole. he can see many enemies poised and within his circle of sight, gathered in ready for the fight. he knew what he had to do, to ride the tide of life and search for the arms that brings about this rife. all around him, fire started to rise but he loved the heat that burned his skin. he knew, she is there to guide him out of this maze.

he looked to her and said, "i guess we could say that we could set this world ablaze. please love, please take my hand and take my soul to rest, so that we could always be around."

in faltering footsteps and into dead end paths. his hands in hers as she leads the way as they watched his world falls all around.


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