Saturday, December 07, 2013

the air without care

"a fair air, that we could share?" she said in a humbling tone.

she looks into the distance, in lost listless disposition. emanating the quandary that she was in, blaming the furore that was before. the one fault, opens a vault of faults, at best a sense of aplomb in the catacombs of diversionary visionary troubles.

"the air that we share, is the pair of us, without care. only the dare that with which we bring out of our lair of hearts at default," he said in melancholic reverie listlessness, as if it was painted into the wind as he joins her looking into the distance.

they have been intrepid travellers of this air. that air without care, that carries the blithe and zest that encircles their lives and the kismet that brought them together. if not, at all. they were, the masters of their fate, as they would like to believe. a state, where they could carry the whole weight of the world. that gentle swirl, and the whirl into the whirlpool that makes their lives. and the surefire danse macabre, that they intent in intense.


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