Friday, November 15, 2013


he sits on lush green grass atop of a tiny hill, overlooking the lush tall green ones in the meadow. the setting sun, shone through the wispy trees with trails and trails of trailing hanging leaves. serenity would not beg to differ, on how this mise en scène resembles it. if tranquility was a soul, this would be it's home.

this was their spot, their place. their chosen enclave of solace, in which where each other, they would embrace. hours and hours on end, like how in the hourglass time is measured in sand. with pace none of their concern, only words of grace and touch of their hand.

she was in his thoughts, a goddess. a goddess among goddesses. a divine magnum opus of stellar craftsmanship. her beauty was electric and enthralling, as if she was god's hypnotist. she would turn heads in a room, like how sunflowers would turn towards the sun. with her lips, that hint of delectable capillary red, no one would dare not hear what she would say or take their eyes away.

he misses her, more than ever now that she's gone. fate took her away, but fate dealt it's hands in another way. she is still with him, right there in the meadows. everything of her, bundled into this body of joy and she's running in the fields with the lush tall green ones.

"aura," he shouted trying to peek through the shrubbery looking for signs of life. "aurelae", he shouted again, worrying.

"yes, baba" a girl answered, slowly appearing through the tall thick tuft of nature as she ran towards him.

his relief, can be seen in the reflection of the sun is his eyes, with his daughter running towards him. he said the last words how he would have said to her, if she was still beside him.

"it's time to go home, love"


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