Friday, October 25, 2013

a fair affair

"have more somber words escaped your lips?" she asked, as indelible dismal lines etched itself on her face and in the small horizon of water in the pool of her eyes.

all he could focus on was only her lips, as it moved in slow-motion technicolor in his head. her lips is that tender bounce when your cake fluffs up baking in the oven. her lips is the waterbed, you can't help but drown into after a long day at work. her lips is the exterior of an apple that you would bite into with gusto, only that blood would gush out. but, she wouldn't mind that.

he concentrates on the cigarette she was holding in between her fingers, as the smoke that it emits runs concentric puffs of white and grey into the air. his eyes follows as she puts it in between her lips, inhaling and exhaling the bitter taste. that taste, bitter in essence, even more so in meaning. her bitter sentiments and her complete disregard for worldly things and her own well-being. a part if not all, why he fell in love with her. he smiled a delectable smile inside, remembering how they first met.

"it's only fair" he finally answered her as he tries to look away, as far as his eyes could take him.

"only for you," as she blows the last puff of her dying cigarette. "we were suppose to make it, if not for the future, for the present"

he knows that it was a decision of a younger man, deciding what he decided 2 years ago. he was too young to keep good love from going wrong but she endured. a suicidal endeavour, he thought at that very moment at the start. something that begun as abrupt, could only end as the way it started and dissipation is something you could only hope for. this hope was a thread made of air, the thinnest air there is.

"as much as we are or we were, we are going nowhere" he said slowly as he turned to walk away.

her eyes, welled up like a thousand wells as she said, "but, nowhere is somewhere I will go with you".


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