Wednesday, September 25, 2013


"settle down, love", he said in a sure tone of no remorse. "this won't last long".

he was wearing his armor, shining like how the moon is right now in the sky. he called it, the armor for sleep, a place where his demons and secrets that he keeps. his armor, shone majestically as a reflection of a woman becomes visible on it. he was hunched over her, with a hammer in his right hand and his left, her chest, holding her down on the ground.

she lies down still, on the green grass of the meadow. they were only accompanied by the night winds, the cicadas and the darkness. her chest was open, like how open heart surgery goes. her insides laid bare, revealing, for the heavens to witness. her tiny heart, beats slowly even in her heart-rending state. an heart-rending cry of almosts, torment. she lays there silent, until she utters.

"when my brittle bones began to break, and my languid hands began to shake," she said, in a scattered tone, almost too sparse to be coherent. "it's my own fault." 

as she shed a tear, it glistens reflecting the moon shining in the sky over the horizon.

he then lifts the hammer in his hand as high as he could go, and pummels her heart that is still beating in its cage. the sound of her heart breaking with each swing of the hammer, broke the silence in the meadows that night. she still lays still, even with her insides laid bare and the remorseless relentless proverbial breaking of her heart. she sheds a tear, to each sound of breaking.

she finally mustered the courage to speak again, "the apple that you gave me made me sick, like how your kiss made me sick"

as she describes, the proverbial kiss of death or the awakening kiss from the slumber, known as death. he then tries to stop her, by putting his finger over her lips. his own tears, started slowly falling on her lips, his salty tears over his salty fingertips unto her sweetened lips. it was his tears of sadness, as he masks it as his tears of joy.

the grip of his fingertip on her lips loosen, as she continues, "and i won't forget, the taste of deceit on my tongue, as if it were my tongue." as she licks her lips, and the end of his fingertip, " as if it were my own blood and i can't forget the taste of my own tongue."

he then continues hammering, until dawn breaks, as how her heart breaks. he then, stands over her, looking at her heart shattered into uncountable little pieces. he looks into the heavens above and uttered.

"if i had a heart, i would waste it on you."

like a fairytale, how he came into her life, he slowly walks away from her. leaving her broken and shattered alive on the ground. as her knight in shining armor disappears from sight, she slowly picks herself up as she picks up the pieces of her heart on the ground, and cupped it in her hands. she then walks towards the cliff at the end of the meadow, with the ocean behind it.

 the sun started to rise, as the horizon beckons.


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