Wednesday, May 29, 2013

the loss and the red sea

the red sea, was painted of an acquired beauty. a tapestry, of surreal longing and his never ceasing sense of belonging. her hair, the darkest shade of red, finer than silk, strand by strand tells a story of ennui, a surfeit melancholic listlessness. her eyes, a pool of oblique crystalline shimmer, an apotheosis of an abyss where he would be forever lost in. her lips, a waterbed for the senses, the supple in between creases, the final frontier for the sense of touch. like the sea, she was a delicate imagery of the ocular perception, a tender reminder of a menagerie of reveries. she was a sort of catharsis for the astray, the adrift, the cast away, at sea. she was the reconciliation with clarity.

he awoke next to the red sea. the surreality was almost dreaming in reality, like a reservoir of consciousness and the sub-conscious coalesce into the effervescent pool of unrest. it looked like a horizon of red above clouds of white, a desolate landscape of dread he will never forget. he remembers the night before, a show of awe, swimming in the red sea from shore to shore. a memoir of red, violent red, in tooth and claw, clasping tightly without flaw, the teeth at a gnaw. his time spent with regards and disregards of earthly things and what may come forth, that here and thereafter brings. the red sea was his cortege, at a time where the illusion of time became a transparent certainty.

nothing in his whole existence compares, from the au contraire, the au pair, the despair or the air without care, that his mind had in thought. the wrought, and the wrest of the rest that he brought, the wall of his mind made into a fort that she took down. on a whim, to the brim of her escalating influence on his enduring continuance to drift away, apart from the impending start to part, with doom.

his mind, wanders and he wonders but at that moment, if the world would fall apart, in a fiction-worthy wind, he would not change a thing, now that she is here.


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