Sunday, April 07, 2013


there sits an old man, once full of promise. he grew old, and outgrew the life he was meant to live. on his own at the cafe, sipping on his old man coffee while going through his old man morning paper. his old man glasses reflected the sun that rose that morning, magnificently. his old man pipe, fumed off old man smoke almost like a human chimney. only old dispositions, can describe this old man's supposed position, in life, in reality itself.

his mind wanders, as how he use to wander in his travels. wandering through many adventures alone, as he wonders what life promised him when he was given the chance to live. he sees himself as an intrepid traveler, going where no man has gone before, and one night he did. he recalls, a time when he was younger, healthier and brimming with this zest called life.

the time was midnight, he was walking through a mountain range. pacing as fast as he could walk, hoping to reach the end of the mountains by daylight. in his chase for pace, he fails to realize a figure that lurks standing ahead of him on his wayward path forward. when he reached that point, only then he realized the figure that stood before him. it was a woman, in a white dress. many thoughts suddenly ran across his mind, from nightcrawlers to ghosts, among the many absurd thoughts that his mind could muster in milliseconds.

the woman, stood there in silence and in calm. slowly turning to look at him. he froze, in terror not knowing what to make of it as his mind tries to grasp the whole situation. her skin, was as pale and white as milk, her eyes piercing like sharp knives would. but, it was her hair that stood out in the dead of night, her long flowing hair was a deep red, almost like blood and it shone in the pale moonlight. after, a long pause that was made of undecided silence, she starts to speak.

"i am Žofia, i am the owner of the slovak mountains and the very ground you're standing on, wanderer" she paused in expectant of a response, which could be him fleeing for his life.

but him, being the intrepid traveler. he stood his ground, the very ground that this woman owns. even when his knees, was buckling under the influence of fear.

"why have you come this far, and not pay me a visit?", she spoke in succint assurance.  "what have you brought to offer me?"

"i know not of what you say. i am just a weary traveler passing through." he replied, trying to mask his fear. with a whiff of courage he could muster he asked her, " who are you, owner of these slovak mountains and the very ground i stand on, may i ask?".

she laughed, her heart out almost shrieking, at this point he wonders does she even own a heart to start with. her laughter echoed, in the night, disturbing the wild habitat that makes the woods of the mountains. she took a moment to compose herself and answered.

"oh, what courage you have, wanderer. most men would cower even at my sight let alone speak to me and for that i will answer you. i am to how you mortals call me, the devil," she replied in sly, a wry smile etched slowly on her face.

"and to what do i owe you this honor of your presence, devil?" he asks, gaining confidence after hearing what she said about the other men that flee before him.

"ah, owe is a word i am most fond of. that is true, wanderer. you owe me many but i will only ask you of one." she paused, as she looks at the full moon, lighting the panorama that is the mountain range in bright lighted magnificence as she continues, "i am about to offer you something mortals yearn in their life, eternal love and finding their one true love and in exchange, your soul"

he took a moment to ponder her offer, and answered, "and to how will i earn your offer and know that this promise you will keep, like the devil you are and the hell you came from, you are masters of deceivers."

she laughed, again like before and replied, " young man, i am the devil but i am a devil of my word and my contract is bounded by it as to how you will to it". she continues, "you will meet your one true love by daylight when you reach the end of this mountains. my offer stands as it is, and if you do not accept you will live a life of loneliness and solace."

the old man, seem to have just woken up from a daydream. in his old man daze, he looked around him and realized he is still sitting alone at the cafe, holding the old man morning newspaper. his expression, deep in thought as he ponders his intrepid adventures a long time ago. as he is still alone, then and now.

does "devil" being "lived" spelled backwards mean that to "live" is "evil"?


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