Sunday, March 31, 2013


"where do you go when you tell the whole world you're running away?",  he asked in a tone so silent, even whispers sounded like echoes over a mountain range.

he woke up by the sea. amongst the rocks where the waves collide. where they were together, the night before. where his being, stripped bare down to his soul, an abyss of deep despair and solemn notes sung in hymns. never any emotion, felt as ethereal as it did before. as if that moment, the surreality imposed was meant as a revelation, like only the eyes of immortals see.

"love, stay.  that it is with me that you are home. and that it is with me that you belong", he said in a stutter of the lips and trembling eyes full of sadness.

his arms were open, in expectant to reach hers. but his love, pulled away and her gaze astray away lining the line that makes the horizon. her arms are crossed, almost as if they were starcrossed like how the universe meant it, like how cold shoulders turn and shrugged. she stood, calm and silent. unperturbed and unflinching at the flurry of emotions that emanated around him behind her, almost as bright as the sun and as dazzling as rainbows after the rain. she could feel, how he might have felt. the sadness, the ennui and the forlorn state of letting go of everything. but she could not feel anymore, unlike before. when he was the stars, that shone bright in her universe.

without any word, without any warning, her body slowly levitated off the ground. signaling, that she was ready to go. she turned around, to face him. her body, lighted up in a hue that resembled the aurora borealis of the northern skies. the colors pulsing, like a womb of a shield, shielding her whole form. the colors resonated a sound, a hum of sorts, almost tantric and mesmerizing to anyone that hears it. she was more beautiful, than before he met her. the light that emanated around her, shone as if showing her soul and her real being. he stood there, agape and taken aback and not knowing what to do or make of it.

she looked at him, listlessly and said, " i want you to know, that my leaving is not out of selfishness"

she turned and flew away, making a trail of light across the night sky heading towards the heavens. in almost an instant, she was gone like how she came into his life. she did not hear his cry, a cry as loud as the thunders in the sky.  as loud as a mortal man can. but, it was to no avail.

his knees turned weak and he could not stand anymore. as his knees bended and kissed the earth, he came to realize, his mortality is his weakness.


Anonymous Your old tea/coffee buddy infatuated

I've missed reading these.

I miss you. Hope you're doing well.
And keep writing!

Wednesday, April 03, 2013 4:57:00 AM  

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