Thursday, February 07, 2013

to lovers that went wrong

the moon cuts a perfect silhouette. a silhouette not only of shape, but a mould out of emotions. tonight, the shape is made of dark, sombre sorrow. a shape made by two lovers searching for an answer. their only answer, and the reason to everything, like, why they are where they are. the night was as cold as their hearts. a never ceasing winter, with no summer on the horizon. not even, the turn of day with the sun rising, could wash away their dismay. they see each other tonight, for the first time in a very long time. their longing, and how much of themselves they miss, only god can describe. their meeting, was set by a written note.

"meet me there, where the moon hits the sea. where our love was reverie. bring your mouth, and selective irreverence. we will see each other after so long. we will look at each other as if wires are connecting our eyes. we will be using our tongues. but we will not speak. no words we will utter, only our resplendent tongues colliding."

written in light ink, the words written in the note rang louder than anything. somehow, words even in reticence speaks volumes. somehow, a paragraph of words, that could be misconstrued knew exactly what they were feeling. the longing, was the short of it when they realized, the empty downward spiraling fall into the abyss without each others presence. the space, that grew with distance, that echoes the plea for help with no answer. they are the youth they grew up hearing about and here they found themselves lost in it.

they meet, as if in celebration to the love that went wrong. staying true, to what the note read, in silence they embrace each other, until their longing diminish with every second of touch. tightly, they held hands as they watch the moon and the horizon collide.


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