Sunday, November 18, 2012

nebula dagger

the astronaut, the lone universal traverser of the universe. an exile and a self-imposed outcast sets out accumulating the stars again, minus the moon. because moons only change the tides and lent only light at night. he is, a solemn character, and a victim of causal despair. the tragic, desolation of the idle hopes and mismatched au pairs and the bite of bitter chocolate eclair.

he sits alone at the bridge of the ship, his hands steering the majestic navigation controls of the highly advanced and alien race reverse engineered technology. his eyes, dead set ahead. but, his mind is occupied by other things, like dinner, the toothpaste chicken cordon bleu with mint sauce or cube brazilian churrasco meat with shredded lentil leaves in olive oil. and then, there is her, the forever occupant of his mind.

she, is the part of the universe he can never call home until found. the object of his search, the sole purpose of his courage on his intrepid travel. she is the nebula here and thereafter. she is the part missing in full set trilogy of epic armadas and wars in space. the sudden saga, of neverending stories told to children, not before bed but when they wake up in the morning. when they're kneeling beside their bed in a tone of ennui, but with melancholic undertones. like shades of black almost going grey, a judging act of political disobey.

she remains elusive after 23 years. when he first met her. she is made of the rare substance that makes the universe. an element tangible yet intangible. she is there but never here. she is finite yet infinite. her looks can only be described with a song. a song only sung by sirens, heard by men as they plunge to their deaths. at the time of her sight, she lay lazily in between the cat's eye nebula and the eagle nebula. and now, she is lost and never to be seen.

she is the nebula dagger. the queen of nebulas, by nebulaic proportions. the future purveyor of the astronaut's demise. the one that knifed a dagger through his heart and not take claim. the one that he needs to find, to lay to rest.


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