Tuesday, October 30, 2012

specific abyss

"and that the balance is of measured appraise. would it be out of place, in this place where we are with our where-with-all and a specific abyss without any falls and the pitfalls are where we should stand not with all" she thought, in her world of wrought set only to rot to the day, till the day set entitled to dismay. a displaced displacement set on chasing pavements and the joie de vivre setting of colloquial conundrums, where go, goes when it stops, where it stops.

and that the balance is only measured in full. at half, the chase is made of haste and a whiff of distaste. a tip of the tongue, sensed a waste. a perfect yet imperfect craze, clouded with a haze of deception and a delicate set of inept animation crept upon traps.

this masquerade, will not cease with ease at ease, to appease the mass and bothered brethrens that she calls in solace and solemn. she wears this badge of a setting sun, as she sets her heart worn on sleeves to show hours that she makes in her attempts to justify the just that the unjusts jest at her chest adorned with scars, at best.


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