Friday, September 14, 2012

patiently waiting

"move baby, move. your life is falling on you"

she woke up on a train. the voice uttering the words still echoing in her head. unperturbed by the regular occurence, she sat still silently, watching trees and the sun falling west. the train was moving through a mountain range, reminding her of home. but home reminded her of last night.

the bar. losing track of time emptying glasses. at the twist of her hips she turned as he walked through the door. that moment she felt time stood still. everything blurs as he moves a fraction of a second at a time. he found her gaze and she decided to make him hers.

a delectable smile sufficed as she thought to herself "for what it's worth. you know, you could take a man so easily?"

morning came and she found herself alone. she wasn't home. but the bed still smell like flowers. she caught the sun peeking through the curtains. breakfast lay ready at the bedside. everything is as it should. last night was another night. just like any other night with someone, somewhere.

she looked around for him and found that he had turned into a note. lying on the floor. a cursive scribble "thanks girl, next time in my town just pick up the phone"

she laid still gazing at the floor where her clothes lay patiently waiting for her to put them back on.

as the last ray of light disappear from the horizon, the voice still echoes in her head "move baby, move. your life is falling on you"

inspired by : minus the bear - patiently waiting


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