Saturday, September 15, 2012

ice monster

he couldn't decide which hurts the most. his head hitting the wet concrete floor or hearing the cracking sound his skull made. all he knew is that he could drown in his own blood right now. he was once a lion but it has come to this. he came home, to fall.

face down. blood slowly trickling. collecting into a puddle as soon as it hits the floor. the puddle made ripples as he tries to breathe. struggling for dear life. as he moves in and out of conciousness. his body bounded to a chair. flesh tingled at the touch of cold steel. wrists singed by handcuffs.

"where's the girl?" the man asked. "get him up"

vision blurred. ears ringing. a result of a stationary form bounded to a chair and baseball bat to the side of the head.

"she's gone. she's gone cross the border, man. and you'll never gonna see her again" summoning the ounce of strength he had left to reply. "i could give a fuck all what you do to me. just leave her out of this"

inspired by: minus the bear - ice monster


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