Thursday, June 07, 2012


a mermaid treads this earth.

her eyes are fire set. ablaze in a blaze of desire, even setting the fires of the volcano of pompeii to shame. the irises she sees through are the pools of passion that you swim in. her gaze, like the night set, cold and unflinching until morning.

her hands are made of clouds that make the heavens. when light came, she would place her hands across your eyes to protect you from the sun and at night, her hands are the only thing that puts you to sleep. her hands are the cup of holy grail and the sum of your euphoria. her embrace is forever, as if you are set to sleep your life forever in a dream that you will be together, forever.

you will bear witness, her tresses made of waterfalls. the slow trickles of serenity and the measure of time. fluid as quicksilver, altogether. her hair is the mount of mountains of mountains, almost labyrinthine. where end began it had no beginning nor ending. her fine strands, reminds you of exquisite tapestry made of fine silk and shadowy entrails of confidence. questions will rise, the quizzical conundrum that you ask and ask and will never be answered.

you will then hear her whispers of words, sweet surrenders and unceasing misguided love lorn, love lust and love lost. even when that may seem, be aware she does not mean to scare, but to remind you that fate and her cohorts stays there in try. to lure you to acceptance, to the height of the plateau of discontent. her lips speaks truth, and your ears will be the end answer of it all.

epiphany came in degrees of sorrows and happiness but solace is found in the revelation that mermaids tread this earth to offer you sanctuary in love.


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