Monday, May 21, 2012

the kingdom of awake

"why do i need sleep when i have you?" she whispered in slow, almost in echo.

they were alone atop a hill accompanied only by the stars and the moon, lonely purveyors of the night sky. they lay on their backs on knee-high tall green grass in each others embrace. they lay still with their gaze locked onto the heavens as they're locked in each others arm.

"can you speak of nothing but sweetness, m'lady?" he said in reply to her rhetoric. "your words seem to be made of honey and sweet surrenders. you can do no wrong, my beloved."

his hands clasps her in the cup of his hands ever so gently. he drew lines on the palms of her hand. tracing slowly the course of her lines of fortunes. he knew, he may not see the future but he is adamant that the future is theirs. he lay still and his mind wanders the wonders that the future might bring. the future that he sees is daubs of paint, painted in technicolor with a the flair of a post-impressionist painter. what he saw was exceptional, such a miracle was not meant for mortal eyes. almost hypnotic, the slow cinema going through his head as he regains his composure and lose himself in her eyes yet again. her eyes, the pool of water he would gladly drown in, a hundred times over.

"i do not speak of lies, that is why my words are delicate as such and that is true to this love of mine" she spoke with a smile, accompanied with that spark in her eyes that tells you she speaks the truth.

"nothing of this world will change us" he said in stern, "not even with the loss of sleep"

their gaze unflinching towards the heavens, as they picture a kingdom together. building castles in the sky with a land to rule and call their own and their thrones made of clouds with silver and gold linings. this together became future as the world shall know, that they are the king and queen of the kingdom of awake.


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