Sunday, October 16, 2011

sailor moon

the sailor sets sail for the moon. that space between the gutter and the stars, where he wants to be. he aims through the passage of the ocean of silence. where reticence speaks in volumes. where quiescence is in it's essence. the passage to amour, ardor and affection. the final frontier towards acceptance, and belonging. he believes he is the captain of his fate. he believes in making this stand for existence.

the moon was torn away from the night skies. it did not return for many unaccountable moons now. before the absence of the moon, it became the sailor's confidant. the sailor talks to the moon every night. Be it rain, or even when the clouds clouded his gaze and attention, he stayed unflinching. in the moon's absence, he misses the conversation they shared. the slow whispers, the sweet surrenders, the shout of never ending love and the promise of forever. he misses it all.

he stands alone in his ship of wreck with only his will as company. he looks up to the stars, looking for signs to stop him or to give him courage for his journey. but morosely, no signs confided him tonight. he readies his dreadful ship, calamitously named 'sink'. despite the ship in horrid shape, it is still majestic in it's splendor and grandeur. built sturdy and sure, ready for any unsuspecting plight. the ship's sails is set mighty, as high as the sky. the deck gleaming of hope, reflecting the stars above.

he sighs a solemn sigh, as dark and static as the ocean waves at night. thought sifts through his head, racing belligerent from delirium to ennui. his melancholic process of reaching merriment. fate made an optimist out of him, the paradox of his whole being. he smile the shortest smile ever smiled etched itself on his face, and he smiled within. he unties the rope that ties the ship to the harbor and looks upon the land that he is about to leave behind. the land where hope deserted him, and left him broken and subdued. nothing is left for him there.

slowly the ship makes for the sea. leaving the harbor of cadaver and the jetty of regret. he looks back twice upon the shore, as he solemnly breathe in a breath of relief and sense of yielding surrender. his heart felt as it was wrenched out of it's cage and his eyes a dam at breaking point. he turns his gaze ahead, into that dark line that makes the horizon. where love surely lies, where the moon is.


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