Saturday, May 21, 2011

the loss and the static sigh

"we are lost" she said with the accompaniment of a static sigh, "we have been through this before"

he looks at her. a posterboy for loquacity, appearing taciturn at the oddest moment. the man, with the plethora of words, stood still. his eyes collecting moisture, a dam at breaking point for the onslaught that comes after.

"i have never been so" he said, now with a distant gaze into the distance. "i have always had moirai by my side. that predetermined course. the cause of causes. now that i have comprehend this fleeting feeling. nothing could help me, but for me be to be transient."

the lights in the night sky seemed to paint his current disposition. a despondent sway of colors. weaving and wavering between sadness and ennui to a jubilee of exuberance. the northern lights blotched the skies in robust, like a lavalamp spewing coruscant magma.

she shrugs her shoulders. the ice queen, known for her phlegmatic nature. her notorious reticence knows no bounds. her indomitable disregard for regards is a trait he fell in love with.

'i have known kings that fell from grace. even when grace was the bosom of hell itself. further down, there is oblivion. that is where my ardor lies and there is where i shall take you away from you "she said with a tone of conviction. "your taste is acquired as high as it may be. but, i could be the witch, and you would still love until there is no end to that end."

now, nothing transcends the cold for him. even the rush of winter wind seemed to be his comfort. his away, his breach and juncture from the world that escapes him. the proclivity, to turn out of hand and out of his reach. he is but man, a man away in no man's land.

lulled are his words amongst the soaring night wind, "a man can do what he wants, but not want what he wants".


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