Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the loss and the saga of the sea

i met her where the sun hits the sea. it was almost in reverie. like slow whispers of promises kept. like the fine strokes on the painting of a romanticism artist. like delicate subtle changes in the earth's direction. like meanings the way it meant to be. today, destiny showed her hand in the making of our lives.

the sea sullen in appearance. making waves and waves of bitter morose. it did not share my current sense of blithe. it was a landscape of black and white. like pale sand of the sahara, untouched by humanity. like clouds slowly forming in the sky, shielding us from the rays of the sun. i pictured white static on a black backdrop. i pictured a euphoric tenderness trailing into emotions of assurance. a sense of cover. a sense of freedom. a sense of immunity. an asylum for lovers.

we were there. she was beside me, in all of her mighty beauty. with her distinct air without care. with her eyes piercing, like knives through the heart. with her lips pursed, on the ready like a lioness about to pounce. with her hair wild, dancing with the blowing wild wind of the ocean. that moment surpasses reality itself. that moment deserved only to be described by the lips of destiny herself. that moment lay deathless in the pages of my memory. i captured the scene as if it was a movie written in morse code. she remains the only picture i took in my mind and kept in my heart.

it was the chronicle of our lives. the saga that never ceased, even after the hero and heroine's demise. it was written in epic, to be told for generations to come. an example, to be made of how beautiful things should be made of. it was beautiful, where we were. everything was made for us as we delve deeper, it became synonymous to what life is. we trade affections as the day went away and the night cloaked us under it's skies. we came to be how feel must have felt when hearts flutter. for days and months it went on and on. it never ended, until it ended.

i still have her picture in me and she is still the only one that made sense.


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