Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the loss and the setting sun

the setting sun was the perfect setting. majestic at this hour in it's resplendent splendor. ardor in persuasion and feeling, easing all mortal sentiments in contemplation.

she watches the radiant rays through the blinds. shafts of light gracing the corners of the room. the entire mise-en-scène is reflected on a teardrop streaming down her cheeks. the image clearly painting her current disposition. a despondent catch of likeness daubbed in grayscale technicolor. every inch telling a tale of ennui and sadness. every inch telling every meaning of the word gone.

like the protagonist in a film noir, she lits a cigarette. she inhales the smoke ever gently. in that instant 4,000 chemicals fills her blackened lung. life nor death changes nothing, but she knows this moment is beautiful. she sits still, locked in a listless gaze at the embrace of the enchanting sun. a million thoughts sifts through her mind like an explosion of nebulaic proportions. each introspect and logic race belligerent in her head. still it moves almost poetically like how koi fishes move in a pond so calm. so zen at the essence.

even in elegiac chaos she still remains collected. analyzing like how sweet caramel melts in heat. slow and steady. a dejected landscape is etched on her face. indescribable anguish. only god knows her plight. for she lost him. everything that she knows stops when he was taken away. the devastation, like how the earth would lose the sun.

she would give anything to be in his embrace again. to hold his hands, to kiss his cheeks, to whisper love in his ear again. for him to be in her life again. like the perfect setting of the setting sun. but, fate is set. nothing can bring him back to her.

my heart breaks for her every time. i would give anything to be in her life again. anything.


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