Friday, December 10, 2010


she is a planet. severely cold and ever distant. he is an astronaut. avid moonwalker and anti-gravity whore. a match made in heaven, in the intrepid traveller and the unflinching unmoving solid rock floating in the constantly expanding universe.

the astronaut travels at lengths in lightyears. traversing through countless wormholes. in search of stability, a state of perennial rest for millenias to come. at long last, after traveling the equidistance of the whole distance of his reason he arrives. at the basis of his impetus, and in his eyes she resonates a visual paramour. the worth of adore he so endures.

she lays silent. still unaware of her own existence. a being of beauty, transcended only by time itself. where space is non-equivalent as if it were a sway of the four-dimensional continuum. nothing in comparison to love. infinite in design, infinitesimal to how he feels to it's promise of grandeur.

as his feet touches the plateau of his pseudo-conscience. he gazes at the stars above, the horizon ahead, the earth beneath. as he breathes, breath by breath contracts the lipid miasma off the atmosphere. now knowing, her the planet he conquered. as hard the truth to swallow, as long the journey be, he now knows there is nothing left for him right here.


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