Tuesday, November 23, 2010

midnight protector

at 30,000 feet, the cold is your friend. the fall, the plunge is quick but the eponymous epiphany is not. impossible it is so, keeping your composure when you are stuck in the gallows. walking the plank through the narrows. alone and left behind grasps upon gasps for the breath of air, or life itself as i know it.

my plunge to death, is the et cetera of post-it notes in my burdened head. to remind me over again and again over. the cacophonous mistake i disguised as the retainer of the amaranthine chance of demise. diminishing as the dying snake at my feet still lay hissing. it is like concrete in mid air after the cold winter war of the coldest war. colliding in a way, how the fault is ours and not yours to blame. a case of the unplayable game.

i stare at the cake where fat kids no longer eat, of late. it's oblique omnipresence haunts me, like how you haunt me. in my non-remembered dream. slowly collecting minute shards of cracked pebbles on a bridge. a sample of dismembered figurative drawing of pens in ink. little by little the lines make riddles out of severing ties and the binding rhetoric sighs. i cannot accept the troubling remarks of that remarkable totem standing tall on scarce earth.

i pick the brain of my case slowly. like sands through small cracks of fading glory. i was minding the bearings of my quantum realization. i bear in mind, the bear in my mind, cuddly as it can be. soon i remember, as my body hit the pavement at the end of the plunge. dream protractor, i'm waiting for you in my sleep midnight protector


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