Monday, July 12, 2010


i live on an island. far from sight, far from thought. i live how i would live. i am the uncanny x-man. all before and none after. a living cadaver.

i have the innate ability to be discarded. perennially discarded despite of my immortality. i lived a thousand lives. but never have i found a moment that i lived. i speak the truth but not what truth meant. truth escapes me like how reality does. that evelates the idea that a realist is not what i am. escapist much so, but not nearly enough an artist. still i argue that i am. i paint collages with eyes. yours

those eyes never left me. it stayed in my mind. never leaving. never ceasing. through the maze amaze. but my curse follows me unhindered. where i, discarded by everything

i live on an island, therefore i am.


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