Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the great heart swindle

"hear ye, ladies and gentleman," urged the jester. "step right up, in lieu for the lack of the common sobriquet, this platform of affection"

they gathered from near and afar. to hear this jester preach about the hearsay of common infection that caused this fracas of an uproar.

"listen carefully ye filthy animals. i have a bargain. well for me, not to you precisely," he explained with a snicker. like a snickering elf. "i am about to sell to you, probably the most important thing ever conceived by the great inventor!"

everyone dared not to not lend an ear. they waited with bated anticipating breath. expecting the worst, hoping for the best. deception is the product of this jester. they all knew this. especially this one young man. sullen in appearance. it properly describes the quandary that he is in.

all could not wait no longer. but they dared not utter a word. the silence broke finally with this young man wagering a war against fate.

"i have bartered with the devil and i will not wait no longer. for i, broken and battered alive. still living but not breathing. i am soulless. because of you accursed jester. you have deceived me for the last time!" he yelled at the top of his lungs. with every word a spite of knife flying through the air, with every knife hitting it's intended target.

the jester laughed hysterically, so much it could pierced the cloud to the heavens. " alas we have a fighter amongst these fiends. i remember you boy. you were hellbent to prove you were worthy of love. you gave it all. nothing more, nothing less. a deal's a deal boyo."

"i gave my heart for love. my heart is not yours to barter anymore! show it to me you devil. and i will with every strength in me killing you for it. show it to me!," the young man now enraged like lava spewing out off the pompeii volcano.

the jester now in fear for his life. slowly in the cup of his hand, showing the young man's heart.


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