Wednesday, June 16, 2010

good luck chance card

i met her at the eiffel tower. in the throngs of the crowded scape. instilled instills of urban itinerary. between the hustle of the moment, i stood aghast. without speech, without breach. silence overkill.

all that in a splinter second of the time i could only thought of, "where were you? i've been looking for you the whole afternoon woman!"

in reality that did not transpire as is.

i presumed that she was french. but that wasn't entirely precise. it was all wishful thinking. even do wearing white and blue, 2/3 the colors of the french flag, and even ballet flats that could put mimes to shame. not a peep of spoken french, another wishful thinking. but a tad of arabic got me to conclude that she was of french arabic descent. algeria, morocco, tunisia and even djibouti comes to mind.

i lay there the print to my document. that upper-hand ampersand that signify significance of entranced avenue. taking my good luck chance card out. i claimed my prime pick and never for any instant regressed my choice.

testament like tesla coils coiled in producing electricity. i became electric itself. purest being. all whole in perpetuum. to have been there and then, i have lived forever.


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