Thursday, May 13, 2010

the one where i sink and you float

"we've had this conversation before" he said.

"we did?" sheer certainty accompanied her rhetoric.

"yes, the one where i sink and you float" he answered in an attempt at non-chalance, "with you being the perennial victor, i'm fated to sleep with the fishes"

comfortable silence kept them company tonight. like how most nights where they did not talk but enjoy reading each others mind. making innuendos out of euphemisms effortlessly. they seem fluid at what they do. like mercury rising in the thermometer signaling heat in the temperature. no heat surrounds them tonight. only cold.

he seemed adamant to win this time, although he knows the futility in this, "when i sink i forget to breathe. i succumb to the idea that this is where i cease to function. but the vacant vacuous space that i sank into was so vacant that nothingness meant that hope came in you"

after all that vindication, she could only shrug.

"still my arms and legs were tied. i could not float. with my strength diminishing. my lungs out of air. i realized the chasm that i'm sinking into is oblivion", he said with words so soft and broken, he could only hear it himself. "but this oblivion is the one i'll sink into for you a million times over"


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poetic with nuance of suicidal and ennui

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