Wednesday, April 07, 2010

accursed cursor

reckless selflessness lay in the index of my limbs. i gave an arm and a leg away for love today. love in no way benefiting my ulterior fitting motive. they call it unconditional. i say it is our life precursor. this precedes even the first love revelation. we were synthesized at the dawn of time, strain by dna strain. to live and relive this object subjectivity. but when one feels, it is all up to freewill. all the same like, free-feel's and will-feel's.

being the empath that i am. the gift and curse that brings about my doom. left me no choice. and so i endured.

trials were made based upon analytical conjectures that supplies answers based on individual perception theory. much so like algorithms in calculative rhythm. one and ones, stays before two and twos. but the numbers amounts to nothing. the price has been paid and the reaper has claimed. at the cost of an arm and a leg.

but alas rejoice, rejoice and, cut away, cut away. send transmission from the one-armed scissor.


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