Friday, March 05, 2010

the cloak of love

"what do thee maketh of that sound?" she asked with surprise and confusion in unison.

he looked straight into her eyes. piercing through so, that he could see the line where the sky and the sea meet behind her.

"that my love, is the sound of heartbreak" answering, as he look away at the clouds that seemed to form and share his despondent air. the cumulonimbus cloud slowly forming, to the despair of these two lost souls. despair came in the arrangement of rain, thunder and lightning.

"heartbreak? how art thou feel so. when beside thee is where i am and to thee that i gaze upon" she asked exerting an answer

"love, o' sweet love, thou doth apprehend this quandary that i am in. where thou lay beside me, thou live in my heart. when i, thou gaze upon, i look within thy heart" that pre-described mystifying static sigh accompanied his answer as he continues, "anywhere i could be, thou art be in this cage that beats my life. no desperate horizons set us apart but thyself" as he stood, fist in the air as if challenging the oncoming storm. "even when i art mad at thee, thy live at peace. my heart is solitary for thine love. but, for i living accursed with this incapacity to impart love at truth, i am a man with no arms in a war not worth winning"

she lay still looking at the oncoming storm badgering the once calm but sullen sea. thoughts race through her mind like wildfire tossed into hell. how could i have let this pass, on the one i love?

scattered are her words, like glass marbles dropping on rocks of the river inevitable, "this course of true love never did run smooth"

"never will it be so" he whispered to himself


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