Thursday, January 21, 2010

man away

i feel like a tangent. stuck in betweens. i wish i was an arc of a circumference that needs a π/pi to be formulated. i will be the approximate equal of 3.1415. so made even before i'm made.

where i am is transitory territory. mathematical conjecture dismissal. where i do not apply. application falters and this is my prevailing demise. my purpose fails me this once. my phalanx crumbled upon displease. my regard for regards, stands not by me. this acceptance i seek, eludes me. i gather my losses. this is what i have left. my pride and prejudice. take this and you shall take this man away.

acceptance is the transitory i seek. i may be coarse, rough around the edges. but i am affixed to your one and only.

i am not a choice. i am the choice.


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