Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i was born a rat

"i was born a rat" he said, " belittle me and you've got it down pat"

she shrugged. decided not to make sense of the situation even before the conversation started. her eyes glistened by tears that weren't there, held back by her sheer selfdom.

he knows her, like how he memorizes the maze that makes his heart. he looks into the horizon, painted purple by the setting sun.

"i speak a bi-linear language that makes time travelling quiver at it's knees. such a language spoken in the first degree of two variables, like an equation" he said, with a glitter in his eyes. like how mythical creatures make.

"but, i'm a template that you need to contemplate. pre-designed by fate, love, consequence and her cohorts"

she looked at him hopeful, listening to his explaination

"all you need is patience, my love" he smiled. "and a dictionary. and a calculator"


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