Monday, January 18, 2010

body of politic

situation substantiates that i necessitate radio silence.

radio silence is imperative during warfare. where any radio transmission may reveal troop positions, either audibly from the sound of talking, or by its use as a homing signal. but my radio silence was misconstrued as a sign of my fondness for leaving. my fondness for leaving has nothing to do with my lack of commitment towards adolescence.

i'm fond to leave, because of the air it leaves behind that i adore. no, you could not understand that. because you have not lived your childhood.

taking my cues from the joker, i introduced a little chaos to get a bit of anarchy. oppression feeds this desperate communality. this commune congested by idle dictatorial regime controlled by this innate mother of a ship. this mothership pours bigotry to everyone who opposes. now this body of politic strikes back at the empire that resplendently deny benevolence, although unjustly saying that it is god's charity.

every authority needs a wake up call. i just gave you one. now wake up child. welcome to my political furore.


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