Tuesday, December 15, 2009

event riley

event riley is the girl you meet at coffee. she sits outside the cafe with a cigarette in her left and the other hand holding classic literature. adding to her already sophisticated air. this book is somewhere in the vein of a literary theologian explaining existentialist philosophies and questioning the idea of god. she chuckles at a few lines. sometimes grinning. and at times, in deep thought of poignancy. she stays unaware of the curiousity that builds around her.

she never skips cheesecake with her coffee. unlike the other girls who enjoys their non-fat soy lattes without the whipped cream. believing that it's blasphemy to do so. her belief is coupled with her high-metabolic rate due to her regular gym going. this helps her get into her favorite leggings that goes with her favorite doc marten boots. she feel it's fashion forward when you rip your rolling stones t-shirt and tying the ends at the hips. she feels it's forward to rip anything.

the ripped rolling stones t-shirt can never take your eyes away from her eyes. they are piercing. the kind of icy cold pierce that melts you. if looks could kill, her look would kill you. her lips chiseled perfect. full lipped, consequently buoyant enough to be pillows in your dreams. the wind sometimes blows her meticulously god-made hair covering her eyes. as she flicks away her stray hair, she ever so slowly like the melting of an iceberg in below zero-degrees winter, gazes at you.

that's when your heart stops.


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