Saturday, October 03, 2009

the history of leaving

eons past since i last confessed. i feel like the bicentennial man. not robot mechanics. but more skin and bones. mostly just bones.

my history of leaving have amassed itself. leaving; by myself, or others. literally and non-literally. abandonment issues, i would like to think. that tendency to be as franz ferdinand puts it "left there broken and battered alive". abandoned by multitudes of person or persons unknown it even matches my plethora words. fathers should stick around for their kids. the sad analogy rationalizes my bragging rights.

this bones of a man had it up to here (gestures towards the boney cervical vertebrae). there is only so much leaving this set of bones can take. stop trying to leave me, and leave me. now this set bones is content.

because, somebody stayed. that history of leaving should leave and make itself history. because, somebody stayed.


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