Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the biggest and the biggest

if biggest is colossal then biggest is the universe. to prepare for the universe is a feat. no mere mortal could defeat. here this mere mortal has a chance to be a demi-god. but per chance mortality has it's limitations. time and space. the idea einstein conjured. linear and like the river. highly dependent on risks and decisions. maketh thy or breaketh thy.

achieving demi-godness, one has to eliminate fear. that day, i embraced fearlessness. with a face packing a punch, i faced the universe bracing my guts with intelect i pounced on the poison-spiked deer. where guts got glory, i got none. glory left john rambo today. even his combat knife or his red bandana couldn't help. in the end, leaving with my bravado intact was a pro among the cons.

next, tackling the colossal is tricky. this leviathan of a thing is a trojan horse. one point to destroy and the other point is to destroy, quietly. with my decorum of achilles heels. i partake in love's suicide. an idea of my own hell i conjured. proving my mettle, i will not back down from this colossal fight. ease is not in my vocabulary (although it rhymes good with cease). the leviathan attacked with tooth and claw. feisty and a rare sight. but, not for this champion, this fighter, this trooper, this rocky, this tough cookie. to the death, the beautiful death every spartan man yearns for.

the leviathan did have the upper hand. but the ground i'm standing on is my sparta and what's my occupation? (spartan chant). you see, i have more soldiers in me than you do.

i got it, i won and i survived. i'm a demi-god. at least on my own terms.