Sunday, July 20, 2008

taking back sunday

sunday. taking it back a notch. only fitting after my frantic schedule earlier in the week. returning home lethargic. work have taken me prisoner as always.

staying in is fun. a lot of catching up with the simple things. like cooking pasta. been a while. i feel like a kid mixing those ingredients in the pot. a mad scientist even. then, time to finish a book. i miss reading. that quiet time with coffee and a throw over. so very zen. later at night, looking forward to golf. perfecting my swing with the company of friends. so like a cigar club. and at the end there is the time to write. so very memory lane. contented. the week ends like a breeze.

still laughing at the article in esquire magazine. describing nigella lawson's cooking show as "gastro-porn". maybe a bit. the chocolate drips, the bare handed dough kneading and the finger licks. but mostly the abundance of sultry exclaming ooh's and aah's.

forgive me for being a guy.


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