Sunday, July 13, 2008

sin city

two years of latent contentment. not a thought. until found, so profound. sure divine. like a right of passage to the seventh flight. a blissful minute felt an eternity. even hell fire felt so sweet. i could live like this. forever with you. i do.

lay me bare. strip me thin. take me in. swallow me whole. but never this.

i was a dying breed. that last hope. but i am weak. too weak to stand without. for without my purpose i fall. that inevitable descending spiral. decadent and iniquitous. peccant by all standards. i cursed myself .

i tread a path now. a different path. the one on the left. the one less taken. at my own peril i set my escape ablaze. no turning back. for i chosed this end to end myself.

baby, you brought me to this. you were my only vice. now i have many.


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