Friday, January 18, 2008

i miss you at midnight

the night seem to share my melancholy disposition. rain poured relentlessly. gradually ceasing close to midnight. adamant to go for our late night walk be it rain, storm or parent. a ritual which we never miss.

we head for the park hand in hand. we walked like how snails would crawl. seemed a lifetime getting there but we love to take our time. found a patch of grass under a tree dry enough to sit . sitting crosslegged we gazed at the cosmos still covered by the persistent clouds.

hoping to count stars, i gave a sigh and said "no, stars tonight"

"don't worry. those little twinkles never disappoint" you said with a smile.

"aren't you the possessor of superior optimism. i wish i have those"

silence. one of those comfortable silences. like how uma thurman's character described it in pulp fiction. i love comfortable silences. they make a good dramatic comeback of conversation. proved to be of good effect, everytime.

"will you forget me when you're away?" with a slight tone of hopelessness.

"of course i won't" sternly stamping your assurance "i have the memory of an elephant"

"thank god, not the body" laughing out loud and expecting a slap. smack! there you go. not a second too late. "yes, i deserved that" rubbing my arm slowly burning.

"fate's not letting that happen to us" sheer optimism accompanies your ever radiant smile. "i'm going to keep coming back to you, like a marauding elephant"

i laughed at the cutest analogy ever.

"but, fate's a kid with an antfarm" trying hard to break down the overflow of optimism.

"isn't that from constantine or something?" you asked with an eyebrow raised and a few squints of the eye.

"of course not. i come up with my own stuff"

"look! a star" almost screaming.

you pointed at a star. emerging from the blanket of clouds. dim but twinkling, nonetheless.

"i told you stars never disappoint" beaming "like a star i'm coming back no matter what. i won't leave you like how the stars never leave the night skies"

i smiled in and out. if that is possible. it's those little things you do that makes me miss you at midnight.

i don't love you,
but, perhaps i do,
for how do i explain my longing,
for you, in the morning, the noon, the evening,
at midnight.


Anonymous jaye infatuated

oh its been too long since the last time i dropped by your blog. .

"i miss u at midnight" was ur writing right? KUDOS for it zariq ! love it!

take care !

Tuesday, March 11, 2008 11:25:00 PM  

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