Friday, December 28, 2007

cross my heart and kiss my elbow

woke up like the morning person i am. perky, non-chalant and very manly. sat down with coffee in hand and found out breakfast at tiffany's was on. fixated for the duration of the movie. the adorable audrey hepburn performance is pleasant to wake up to. i loved it how she tried convincing the librarian saying "cross my heart and kiss my elbow"

justine is leaving in a few days. for that, made a frame and used acrylics on it, drew her picture and an action-heroine's handbook for her going away present. i think it is not even half as sweet as my bat logo shirt she gave me. nobody is going to toussle up my hair now. will miss her. so much.

i am out of books. a trip to kinokuniya should be in the works. deprived of books going into the new year is not on my resolutions list.


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