Saturday, October 20, 2007

sorry, i'm too hollywood for you, right now

busy. busy as a bee would be an understatement. even after almost a week of celebrating eid. i am still thinking of work. got used to saying "sorry, i'm too hollywood for you, right now" to everyone.

the first batch of work is settled. thoroughly happy with the resulting design and printing. received compliments from the lecturers all throughout the development stages. so many that i felt bad not giving them compliments in return. blush.

watched movies. at least twice a day. a reward system i implement, upon completing work. first, the bourne ultimatum. dubbed the thinking man 's action movie. a good watch. so good that if it was a cake it would have chocolate and triple layers of cheese. amelie was next. forgot how many times i have watched it. the most adorable face close-up that celluloid can offer.

finally done with reading, the road by cormac mccarthy. a oprah book club selection (no it is not why i chose the book). the review was good and it did not dissappoint me. about a father and his young son in a post-apocalyptic setting.

and then later in the darkness: can i ask you something?

yes. of course you can.

what would you do if i died?

if you died, i'd want to die too.

so you could be with me?

yes. so i could be with you.


sad and moving. a wonderful read. poetic even how the paragraphs are arranged. definitely recommended.


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