Sunday, October 07, 2007

boys unlike girls

day out with azuar. initially opted for ikea. but, decided not to. since i expected lots of last minute furniture shopping by 'makciks' with interior deco on their minds. the obvious next choice is kinokuniya.

great day to be out. the last weekend before eid. everyone seems to be out and about shopping. long legs galore i might add. pondered "boy's day out" does not sound as good as "girl's day out"

initiated cardi hunting mode. alas, to no avail. instead settled for some baseball tees. those plain wonders seemed an impulse buy for me.

all the restaurants are either fully booked or on a first come first serve basis for buka puasa. almost giving up until we found a gem of a restaurant. the best oysters i had eaten in a long time and a scrumptious steak and smoked salmon ensemble. so good, it made me crinkle my toes.


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