Thursday, March 08, 2007

not a chick read

today is the outset of a splendid feast. not exactly a tummy filling feast, but a filling feast nonetheless. made my way to borders times square, environmentalist style via the monorail.

voila! the appetizer of the day, borders. the aforementioned bookstore is not really my regular perlieu of haunt. for me kinokuniya is still at heart. although, i was surprised there was a book read held there. a lady in early thirties reading her newly published gem to a crowd of five women. thought of joining, but since there were only women, i became a side-bench participant. it was enjoyable.

moving on to the main course of the feast, the highly anticipated 300. initially wanted to watch it on imax, but had to settle for gsc' premiere class. my first time in premiere, it was not exactly premiere at all. expected a very large screen, but got a fairly big screen. size does matters.

300 is an awe inspiring film. it delivered and did not even slightly disappoint. a perfect blend of action and politics in between with jaw dropping visuals, intensely choreographed battle scenes and witty script enough to fill a quote book. straight from the get go, it was decapitation galore, heads were a-rolling and blood a-splashing. in my opinion it made troy and gladiator look like a chick flick.

after the movie, azuar and i cannot help but "re-immerse" ourselves with the movie. he kept swinging an imaginary sword and i kept saying "this is sparta!". funny dudes.

it was time for dessert, on this splendid feast of a day. but i cannot remember taking any. i might have went home before taking dessert. guess, i am mr impatient.


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