Saturday, January 20, 2007

the scientist, the napoleon & the brushing up

i have time in my hand till monday. since i am trying to save money, i cannot go out. so, preoccupied my time wisely at home i have.

unsure if this is actually wise, but i have been coming up with pick-up lines. no, im not implementing it in real life. it is just that i have a mystical, yes mystical, thing of coming up with really cheesy pick up lines off the top of my head. this are some that is based on "hotness" and it goes like "is it global warming or are you just hot?", "if i was an ice cream, u've just melted me", "you should call the fire brigade, because your so hot the roof's on fire". i seriously think the lines do not work at all and i do not recommend them even the slightest. but i have this idea of compiling these cheesy lines into a book. "1000 lines on how to not get a date".

have been brushing up with my skill on the keys. surprised on my recently acquainted interest in piano. have been more of a guitar person, well, if there is such a person. i think it is because of my general interest in music. i am a band geek, i confess. my musical portfolio still in its embroic stage, mostly consists of coldplay's songs and most recently the scientist. among other songs is vanessa carlton's white houses, corrine bailey rae' like a star and muse' version of feeling good.

watching movies also have been the core of my preoccupying of time. for the past days, a movie at home marathon was in order. with no specific interest and in no particular order, i have watched, the terminal, troy, gladiator, beetlejuice, star wars, psycho and red eye. definitely, i am buff in the movies department. although, i would trade the time watching those movies with a rom com movie.

last but not least, is reading. i finished three books, jm barrie's peter pan, ernest hemingway's a farewell to arms and willa cather's my antonia. classics are the best, they never disappoint. with me being a sucker for nostalgia, explains it all a lot. brushed up on my napoleon as well. what did napoleon gave his wife josephine on her birthday? a thousand water fountains. is it not the ultimate romantic? considering, he has other mistresses as well. made me wonder what would i do or give someone.

with that being said, i shall contemplate on it while i watch pride and prejudice. saved the best for last. so, i shall merrily go and happily watch keira knightley pout now.


Blogger Jeans Pants infatuated

I like the look of your site. It's original compared to a lot of other sites I've been on. It would appear that your not just watching any old movies your watching "good" movies. Well, in my opinion except Troy. I didn't like it much =0)

Sunday, January 21, 2007 2:35:00 AM  

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