Thursday, January 25, 2007


had the day off today. planned to go out and get inspired. i had in mind for ou, but took a spontaneous turn and instead decided to go to klcc for kinokuniya. parked the car and took the lrt from kelana jaya. i missed the days when college was around mayang. i'll always be at kinokuniya, my home, for lunch and still have time to make it back for my 2pm class.

at kinokuniya, spend most of the day sitting at the seat near the glass divider engrossed in a book. i always feel like im in a glass display, watched by all the people that passed by. but, azuar said that its more of them being watched rather than us. funny when i come to think of it, with kinokuniy's background orchestric music.

i have found another favorite classics writer in fyodor dostoevsky. being highly regarded by nietszhe really tells you about him. i find his writing very culturally poignant. usually written in the first person, it is always insightful and a single dialogue can be 4 pages in length. the writings felt as if he was writing a blog.

the book i read was from his best selected stories. the first story was "white night". a charming love story about a shy man who has a hard time finding acquaintances in the city but finds love in a young damsel in distress. the dialogues is very honest, i laughed and smiled alone reading it. i find the story very charming and the love naive in a way, which reminded me of romeo & juliet.


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