Thursday, January 18, 2007

in the presence of giants

18 days into 2007. a great deal happened at once that it felt like a year gone by. for the past week, had occupied myself with art events, design projects, portfolio compiling, frouview and such. i must say it is an interesting start to the year.

on the 13th, attended the massive territory design event. got there a bit late, with me being an environmentalist with taking the trains and all. i got in without being asked of my ticket. i could actually, have gotten in without paying for the RM110 ticket. had trouble finding my design acquiantances in the dark. at first, i did not realize that this heavily tattooed caucasian sitting next to me was joshua davis. i find only joshua davis' talk gave a lasting impression on me. his interesting portfolio of algoryhtmic designed graphics are breathtaking. he literally created a new design genre. a fruit of his discontent of the normal and regular. there are moments i thought that he was actually talking about the matrix.

joshua davis

later on monday, went to college for the new semester registration. smartly dressed is one of those ticked on my new years resolution list, so i went with my dress shirt and skinny tie ensemble. thought it was a refreshing image reinvention. got a nod, a thumbs up and "welcome to the new semester" from patricia. well, i think it was worth it. i half-heartedly opted for the multimedia major. i know i have the skills to opt for the other electives, but i can't choose. i argue with myself that multimedia interactivity is one-dimensional in a way and it limits creativity. just hoping that something great would come out of my discontent.

had a lovely day out yesterday. met wyda at klcc, my bestest friend since back in high school and we used to be an item back then. haven't seen her for a very long while. planned to meet up since last year, but she was rather busy with law studying. the main reason to meet was in the form of this antique book which i gave to her on her birthday 6 years ago. an antique "gone with the wind", meticulously binded green colored cover with gold ornamented frame on the front and golden brown colored pages on the inside. it shows how the book ages gracefully. i really love the book and i missed it. it is priceless even for a non-reader. had the chance of holding it and browsing through. savoured the moment over coffee.

gone with the wind

later on, without any notion about it, found out that there was a launching of the new central market at pasar seni. it is a building inspired with the old and the new. an amalgam of wood and concrete. i think the building has this raw, edgy, indie, uncared for feel to it. a fitting concept for a budding private art space. the whole building was dimly lit, creating a moody and loungy feeling. everyone there seemed to know everyone, mingling with each other in small huddle's of three's and four's. a view you would find in an international art event only that the wine glasses are missing.

the top floor

the compound

the chair peculiarly arranged in a circle

the view from inside

the event kicked off with fahmi fadzil reciting mark teh's play. it read, "daulat tuanku dan daulat kepada mereka yang ingin didaulat kan.. daulatkan mereka yang memutar belit, yang membabi buta, yang gila babi dan yang gilakan babi”. loved how suddenly a section of the audience shouted along and realizing later that they were a part of the play. a theatrical feast indeed.



hishamuddin rais

after the recital, it was followed by a japanese puppet dance, a read by marion d'cruz, hishamuddin rais' rave & a performing arts involving gold glitter dusts. i find, hishamuddin rais' "three things that makes a malay" interesting. the self professed belachan connoiseur, freestyled it with finesse. later on when i was going down the stairs heading home early, i met him. he looked at me and said "macamana, ok ah?"

"very nice" i said.

"ok ah?" he said, looking discontent with the answer.

"okkk" i said.

"ok ah?"


"ok ah?"


and then he had to answer his phone. if he didn't, we would still be in a question and answer conversation rollercoaster.


Blogger Jeans Pants infatuated

It would appear that you lead a very interesting life. For a short time in my life my goal was to some sort of artist. I didn't know what. I just could draw pretty good. Then as I got older I just became worse and worse. I suck now. Oh well =0)

Sunday, January 21, 2007 2:40:00 AM  

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