Friday, December 29, 2006

menahan berat jutaan rindu

a long while since i last wrote. i have no exact reasons why it is. i have all the time in the world since i am on holidays but still i did not find the time to write. lets just leave the reasons for the wise old man who lives on top of the mountain to answer. for now, expect a long write.
im not sure im enjoying my hiatus from college. i do really think i deserve it from all the hard work and sleepless nights. it's just that im not enjoying it. i hope everybody else is. another thing that im not quite sure with is, my newly acquired singledom. here i am 3 months after and im still whining about it. i think i just got used to having somebody around to the extent that i prefer to be in that situation always. letting go is just what i need to do. its just that i really suck at it.
on a less sombre mood. just got my results. which im very stoked about. it is pretty good! it was a nice surprise. got A's for subjects that i didnt expect. but getting the results will make me reconsider what im majoring next semester. need to go with my strengths.
thought of shopping for a new hat and i have been eyeing this hat which looks burberry-ish. i got my prada haircut, i tried asking for a barista job at starbucks which i have gone through the first interview and they said they're going to call me for the next interview in 4 days, well now, its 2 weeks after that, so go figure, and last but not least i asked justine out.
its not something that im used to. at first upon having second thoughts, i decided not to, i swear my hips turned halfway around and about to walk away but somehow my lips moved and uttered the line that goes like "would you like to go out sometime, catch a movie or something?". its pretty simple. no pickup lines needed. there goes all the tips and tricks from all the mens magazine i've read. i cannot believe who reads those stuff and actually implementing it in the real world.
she is pretty busy working full-time. so i have to work around her schedule to go out with her. i told her going out with her is like going out with the pm. till now i haven't gone out on a real date with her. just those small chats when im around. she seemed to be an interesting person and pretty funny too. she's half portoguese. in which she understands portoguesa a tiny bit when her mother conversates with her. though, she speaks full blown french but she hasn't really utilize it for around 3 years or so. she loves curly locks in which she is trying to grow now. she doesnt really like coffee. she just does it for the money and its close to her home. et voila! shes a football fan but, not european clubs. of course, being of portoguese heritage she supports portugal and spain but only whenever cesc fabregas plays. she even cried when portugal lost against greece in euro 2004. now thats passion.
i think she will be a good coffee buddy. a means for me to get free coffee. oooh, arent i resourceful?


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