Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"mr craig, i'm a fan"

i wanted to write earlier. but as busy as i am, i could not. luckily today was my final submission. the lecturer postponed the deadline for two weeks. i could have finished earlier, but i should not complain about it. i was happy out of my wit. drove vernie like the mad person i am. lets just say swervy would be an understatement. decided to reward myself with coffee at my favourite starbucks. i sat on that big green couch that has magical powers that could put me to sleep while elegantly sipping that coffee made specially for kings, caramel machiatto. delightful would be the word appropriate. my conversations with justine is getting better. we are on the terms of hello's and bye's with longer vowels nowadays. before this, it was nods and smiles. i think those two words is a very good conversation. it reminds me of the saying short and sweet. which reminds me of justine.
last thursday, i watched the highly anticipated premiere of casino royale with azuar. decided to watch the movie on the biggest screen in the world, the imax theatre at times square. i dare say it was a big-ass screen. the screen complimented well on the importance of such a film.
i was sceptical at first with daniel craig as the new james bond. even though i think it was harsh for bond fans to refer to daniel craig as "too blond, too ugly and insufficiently suave". i had a hard time seeing daniel craig as james bond. even after i have seen his performance in layer cake. as i watch the movie, i found out why he is the perfect james bond. i would have known why he was casted if they had told me that they were going to re-invent james bond. the new james bond is a bad ass trigger happy assasin. a different character from the ones we loved to see. i have never seen james bond so bloodied in battle before. which shows realism in their line of work. i dont think pierce brosnan can take that. although, i think this bond is going to have a hard time picking up chicks. so, no more bond cliche's, cheeky smiles, annoying one liners. i do pity the people who is still ogling for pierce brosnan as the perfect bond.
mr craig i'm a fan.


Blogger Ahmad Azuar infatuated

ms eva, i'm a fan ^-^

Sunday, November 26, 2006 11:52:00 PM  
Blogger khairul zariq infatuated

you and me both! (:

Monday, November 27, 2006 12:54:00 AM  

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