Sunday, November 26, 2006


spent most of the day at home as it was sunday. it does seem to be odd for some, but i think that is what sundays do. an opportunity for you to laze around and do nothing. that is why they show football matches or blockbuster movies on television. so that we have company while we laze our sunday away. why do you think they show them on television then?

although that being said, well some people like me have exceptions in their lives. i made one of that today to go and watch "happy feet". which i later find out is one of the best ever exception i made in my life. it is the best animated feature of the year in my opinion. im also considering it as the best ever animated movie i have watched. it was hilarious, heartfelt and entertaining. those cute little puffyballs made me want to pinch them till they go red like a penguin with a sunburn. aside from the story it was a musical feast as well. with some familiar tunes belted out, i really felt like dancing when they were singing. well, i could have but the people in the cinema would not agree to that. but, i did not ask them, i just guessed.

browsed through topman again. stripes is in season! with my love for stripes it reminded me to go shopping. listing down stuffs i need to buy or ogle over :-

zariq's wonderfully thought out shopping list

  1. converse shoes. double tongue. natural.
  2. long sleeved. v-neck & crew neck. baby blue.
  3. a bunch of well striped crew neck tees. assorted colours.
  4. a bunch of earth tones colored tees. assorted earthy colours.
  5. funky cap/ military hat/ funky hat.

is this not wonderfully thought out?


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