Saturday, November 11, 2006

closer, closer, closer.

watched closer the other day. quoted as a love story for adults. it was a good watch. with natalie portman and jude law around, how could it not? find the story very true and relatable. i can see the same exact arguments and dialogues in real life. especially, the ones of jealousy. "how good was he?, where did you do it?" i mean, i'd asked that myself. find it amusing how men can be easily charming. i think it only works when you are either jude law or clive owen. loved it where the camera does not move and concentrates on the characters and their dialogues. which i think is the main important thing in telling a story. the result of watching it, i got inspired to write something. it was the opening scene with jude law and natalie portman. you will get the picture when you watch it.
hello stranger
a nymph,
as easily put,
as graceful a sylph,
lithe formed like women should,
walking soundly like an ascending angel,
looked upon, eyes like diamonds it resembles,
fiery red crimson alights through a crowded angle,
like a goddess should among living mortals,
yet no hero in her skies,
i aspire as needs be,
to hear just once,
as easily put,
hello stranger.
i find it silly how im easily excited over simple things. silly me.


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