Wednesday, November 01, 2006


started the day on a happy note. found out liverpool is through to the next stages of the champions league with an emphatic 3-0 win over bordeaux. hope the team maintain the recent great form.
spend most of the day at my favorite starbucks today. i sat myself at the corner, where i planned to finish my illustration works. a lot more work needed to get it done. my storyboard needs colors and italics and my scenes still need colors. submission is next week. i need to double time.
enjoyed my mug of splendidly made caramel macchiato. i think its been a long while since i had one. that all familiar caffeine rush was bliss. accompanied me throughout the day was the jazz music that is always ablazing through the speakers. a ridiculously fast played piano and a funky cello. i wonder how do they play that way. intriguing. i did some reading on the latest book i bought. madame sevigne : selected letters. touted as one of the world's best letter writers. doing my work reminded me to get magazines for references. bazaar came to mind for some reason.
thank you for letting me borrow them!


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